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Upcoming Events

May 2016: Workshop on Risk and Risk Premia in Euro-Area Debt Markets

On Monday, May 9th 2016, (9am to 11am) the Chair is inviting to an informal get together to discuss novel findings for risk and risk premia in Euro-area debt markets. We will jointly discuss country- and Euro-wide macro-, liquidity- and default risk and risk premia in these markets. Interested students or third party participants are invited to join. Please send an email to c-ram∂fbv.kit.edu for further information.



July 2016: Meet the Summer

The Chair invites its current and past students, alumni, team members and donors for a barbecue grill evening. This get together provides ample opportunity to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere and to remember the good old times at the Chair or to brainstorm for future innovations. Precise time and location will be posted soon. Interested in joining? Send an email to c-ram∂fbv.kit.edu for further information.