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We are offering several research-oriented risk, investment and FinTech courses with a KIT specific information technology blend. Our teaching staff (mainly the professor + PhD students) aims to closely monitor the progress of every student, both during lectures and during projects. During project, seminar, bachelor and master thesis work, students are invited to learn more about the C-RAM's topical research projects and to contribute with their own independent research work.



Curriculum        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZlCPgfcrvQ&t=11s


Executive Summary for Module "Intelligent Risk and Investment Advisory"

Students obtain a practical and yet research oriented introduction into the field of quantitative and computational risk and investment management. Students learn how to use concepts from computer science, statistics, OR and economics to build intelligent systems for superior risk and investment management. Based on personal preferences, students can specialize within the module on either more practical programming and statistical learning points or more on the economic and mathematical modeling. After successful completion of the module, students know the industry intuition as well as state-of-the-art academic ‘financial engineering’ methods necessary to successfully contribute to sustainable and value oriented innovations in the field of intelligent risk and investment advisory.



Executive Summary for Module "Disruptive FinTech Innovations"

Students with a strong technological background and/or a strong interest for software development and investments will learn how to build a prototype that automates key steps of an automated investment and risk management process. The goal of projects is to help society to better invest for the future and to better protect from adverse risks. Besides the technical and finance skills, students also learn how to efficiently organize themselves in teams of several FinTech developers. Moreover, students deepen their understanding of finance and technology and learn how to combine both in an effective way. After successful completion of this module, students will be well prepared to become leaders and pioneers for yet unexplored FinTech innovations.




Suggested Sequence of Courses 


Bachelor-, Master-, and PhD Thesis

We invite students to work on exciting "Computational Risk and Asset Management" research problems, to engineer topical FinTech solutions, or to combine one with the other.

For example: Imagine a KIT industrial engineering student with NO particular interest in finance but with an interest in technology. ... Why not be creative and combine the passion for informatics and/or social media and/or data science or technologies at large with some finance problem to engineer a FinTech solution that helps society? McKinsey&Company's FinTech report (March 2016).


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