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Gebäudezugang 09.21

Seit Beginn des Jahres 2019 ist der Zugang zum Gebäude nur noch mit einer gültigen KIT-Card mit Zugangsberechtigung möglich. Studierende und KIT-Angehörige können ihre Karte über das Wiwi-Portal  selbst freischalten.

Sollten Probleme auftreten, wenden Sie sich bitte an portal∂wiwi.kit.edu.


About the Chair

The mission of the Chair is to provide research and teaching excellence in the field of financial economics, risk and asset management.


Why care about risk management?

The most recent financial crisis has emphasized the urgent need to improve state-of-the-art risk management tools. More advanced tools are necessary to protect society, the real economy and private and public wealth from "bad shocks". "Bad shocks" can arise from unfavorable economic, policy, confidence, health, or financial market related shocks. The research agenda of the Chair focuses on providing enhanced risk management analytics and improved policy and business advice. The teaching agenda of the Chair emphasizes a problem oriented education.


How is the Chair organized?

Within the Chair, the research and teaching group of Prof. Dr. Maxim Ulrich (Head of Chair) focuses on developing and teaching new quantitative and computational risk and asset management tools. I am very excited to offer our students and the research community a broad and yet focussed research and teaching environment in the field of financial economics and risk management.