Prof. Dr. Maxim Ulrich


Focus:    Artificial & Human Intelligence to Unlock Value in Finance, Risk and Business Applications    


We are enthusiasts of the current and unprecedented era of rapidly growing data and computational power. We are an interdisciplinary team who love the challenge of Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and embrace that business reality is complex, often ill-defined and subject to incomplete data of potentially questionable quality.  Our goal is to positively contribute to society and businesses to unlock value by actually crunching the numbers.  We know that there are tremendous business opportunities for innovators who combine data, modeling and smart decision making.

Businesses, start-ups, financial firms, among others, adopt technology at an increasing rate. Individuals and institutions that are able to combine data, modeling, programming and decision-making encounter tremendous opportunities to add value to themselves, their institutions and society at large.  Our AI group follows a data-driven decision-making approach. We pair artificial intelligence with data science and economic thinking to reduce uncertainty around future events and paths to offer decision makers a sharper view of what is likely to come. While our approach benefits all business models and industries, we particularly enjoy applying our research to the vast amount of data that financial markets and in particular option markets offer.

In our hands-on teaching projects, we prepare students to model and understand data using both AI and economic thinking.  As to financial applications, we do highlight what makes these from an AI perspective especially challenging and how to derive an edge to unlock value in a sustainable way.