In our hands-on teaching projects, we prepare students to model and understand data using both AI and economic thinking.  As to financial applications, we do highlight what makes these from an AI perspective especially challenging and how to derive an edge to unlock value in a sustainable way.


Announcements for courses:

  • The informational meetup for the Summer 2022 semester of "Advanced Machine Learning and Data Science" is scheduled to take place on April 19th, 14:00. Please apply first through https://portal.wiwi.kit.edu/forms/form/fbv-ulrich-msc-project and join the meetup in zoom via the link: https://kit-lecture.zoom.us/j/62730648793.
  • A new module "Foundations for Advanced Financial -Quant and -Machine Learning Research (Master)" will be offered starting from the summer semester 2022.
  • Both of the modules are only offered in the summer semesters in alternating biyearly schedule, i.e., they will be offered in following order:
    • "Foundations for Advanced Financial -Quant and -Machine Learning Research" (Master) in SS2022
    • "Financial Data Science" (Bachelor) in SS2023
    • "Foundations for Advanced Financial -Quant and -Machine Learning Research" (Master) in SS2024
    • "Financial Data Science" (Bachelor) (Master) in SS2025
    • ...